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Interior Design versus Interior Decorating

Before you decide if you want to work with me, let’s get a bit clearer on Interior Design Services versus Interior Decorating Services. The main difference is a degree. Interior Designers will most likely have a BA or BS in Interior Design or Interior architecture. Interior Decorators are limited to what they can do to the frame of a house and are experts in a vast realm of Decorating styles. One isn’t better than the other. It’s just a matter of what your project needs.

Navigating the Interior Design and Interior Decorating sphere can be a compelling journey. Though they might appear similar, these two practices engage with space in different, yet occasionally interlinking manners. Let’s dive a little deeper.

Interior Design

Interior Design, grounded in both aesthetics and functionality, dives deep into understanding and manipulating architectural elements to mold a space that not only visually appeals but also functions seamlessly. This field necessitates formal education and comprehension of architecture and building codes to efficiently integrate practicality and style.

Interior designers dance with various elements such as space planning, lighting design, and architectural details, to name a few. Their realm extends beyond just the visual or ambient appeal of space; they delve into the science of creating a functional, safe, and ergonomically sound space with the capability of creating very custom spaces. Interior Decorating comes with the territory, though most may not choose to add this repertoire to their scope of work. Many Interior Designers will collaborate with Interior Decorating experts.

Interior Decorating

On the flip side, Interior Decorating focuses primarily on the aesthetic enhancement of a space. The practice concentrates on selecting and arranging elements like furniture, color schemes, and decor, without engaging with the architectural and functional aspects. Decorators need not possess formal education in the field but should wield a robust sense of style and spatial understanding.

While designers might mold the structural and functional canvas of a space, decorators add the final aesthetic touches, both collaborating to weave a space that is a visual and functional symphony. Whether structuring a space from the ground up or rejuvenating an existing one, understanding these distinctions ensures a harmonious blend of form and function in your spatial endeavors.

Lucky for you, my friend, I’m capable of ALL. OF. IT! And I know that we will have a blast working on your project. My goal is to take the overwhelmed you may be feeling about your project. Let it be easy. Let it be fun! My goal is to help you create the home of your dreams without breaking the bank. I get it! So let’s chat. Take your time to really read through each package to see which one is right for you: Online services or in-person services? Interior Design or Interior Decorating? And when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting!

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