Tiny Bathroom


A tiny bathroom can be made to feel spacious with the right colors and finishes. By understanding the color psychology of white, we can reap the benefits of it in tinsy, narrow spaces. In this before photo, you can see how tiny the space feels with the 3 blocks of color we see in the floor tile, the wall color, and again in the shower tile. Blocks of colors will tend to break up a space and make it feel more compact and enclosed in a tiny bathroom like this.

…and AFTER

We can use paints to create optical illusions. In this case, white’s inherent quality of reflecting light creates an illusion of spaciousness, making the confined area feel more open and airy. White makes a space seamless, hiding all the corners that tend to break up space. The strategic use of white paint color in a compact space not only maximizes the perception of roominess but also cultivates an inviting and tranquil ambiance.

The Process:

  • Removal of the existing wall and threshold separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom opened up the space while allowing more natural light in. What once felt like two very separated areas, with one end feeling much like a dark hole, now has the feeling of being one continuous space.
  • Creating a continuous floor finish throughout, from the doorway (not shown) leading into the shower also gives the illusion of spaciousness. One seamless space.
  • Using white paint for the walls and continuing with white subway tile into the shower also gives the visual effect of open space. The seamless glass door and partition have the absence of a barrier allowing the entire space to feel open and airy.
  • The serene quality of the color white suits this tiny bathroom creating a calm and relaxing environment that once felt dark and claustrophobic.
  • The trough sink was the perfect solution for the narrow space. This one is a refurbished from a flea market find that we had the plumber install for us. Reusing existing plumbing will always save you on cost. As you can see, we reused all the existing plumbing lines and just added new fixtures.