Home Office | Meditation Room

Working from home and need a space of your own? In this article, you’ll find all you need to transform your spare bedroom into a wonderful home office and meditation room. Your very own “She-Shed”. Times have changed and many companies have offered their employees to work from home but finding the balance of work life and home life can be challenging. My client came to me and needed to create that very balance and after a nice afternoon of discussion, we came to the conclusion that she not only needed a home office, she also needed a place of relaxation. Hence, the birth of the home office | meditation room.

Here, you’ll see the process we went through to find the perfect design to suit her needs.

Vision Boards

Modern & Sleek

Here is a more minimalistic approach to the home office/meditation space. Crisp white finishes offer a neutral backdrop to pops of color and texture.

Chic & Feminine

This design concept offered a warm and feminine approach to the home office/meditation room. Wood finishes instantly offer a warm feel to a space along with warm shades of grey and white paint options.

My client had an extra room that became a dumping ground over the years. But since she transitioned to working at home full-time while caring for her mom, she needed a workspace that would also offer her solitude. A place where she could focus on her work and take some self-care time out of her day to meditate or do yoga. Voila! The birth of her home office | meditation room offers the best of both worlds.


…and After

If you find that a complete room makeover is not in your budget, a new paint color can do wonders! I can change the look and feel of the space and it might be all that you need to shift the energy of the room until you can afford the rest. A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. Don’t make yourself crazy if you can’t do it all at once. Check out my post on the psychology of color to create the change you need!

The Finished Product

In the end, my client went with the modern & sleek concept with a touch of warmth. There’s really no limit to what can be done with just the right balance and finishing touches and a designer like me (eh-hem) to guide you through the process. One very happy client!

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